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Greenlee 6 Ton Open Center Hydraulic Cutting/Crimping Tool (Bare) LP6-01

October 17, 2013

Quick Changes


Greenlee 6 Ton Open Center Hydraulic Cutting/Crimping Tool (Bare) LP6-01

Wasting time on the site as you adjust and change parts in and out can be frustrating! The Greenlee LP6-01 6 Ton Open Center Hydraulic Cutting/Crimping Tool (Bare) is Greenlee’s answer to making quick changes happen, thanks in part to the new LP6-01′s spring loaded pin, which is the key in Greenlee’s design for creating a hydraulic crimping tool with the fastest change over jaws possible. In addition, the LP6-01 also includes interchangeable crimping and cutting jaws, that really allow it differentiate itself from competitor offerings, while also providing it with enhanced versatility and value.


Access Granted

Tight spaces, with little to no elbow room no longer stand a chance against Greenlee’s LP6-01! That’s because Greenlee’s 6 ton Open center hydraulic Cutting/Crimping Tool now has a more modern design with a smart 350° rotating head! The rotating head is useful in several problematic application scenarios, that professionals sometimes face.

Lightweight with Coupler

A tired arm slows down even the hardest working professionals, so skip the aching arm and opt for a superior lightweight tool that allows you the opportunity to use it with one hand on many applications!  It is truly a trimmed down tool that does not carry a lot of heft or bulk! Backed by numbers that never lie, this state of the art up and comer, weighs in at a startlingly light 8.4 lbs, which is very impressive when you consider this tool can crimp with the force of six tons! Finally, a factory installed coupler option is already available on the tool for you.

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