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Greenlee 6810 Ultra Cable Feeder with Hand Switch

April 10, 2012

 The Greenlee 6810 Ultra Cable Feeder features an interchangeable speed of 4 – 36 feet per minute, and feeds the cable at various speeds to match the speed of the cable puller. This is an important aspect as it makes running the machine safer for you while it helps counteract the risk of injury. In addition, the Greenlee 6810 Ultra Cable Feeder with Hand Switch performs with a healthy power supply of 115 VAC, 15 amps and 60 Hz.

This ultra cable feeder also features a powerful maximum tractive force strong enough to handle a single cable of up to 200 pounds with ease and can manufacture a maximum tractive force for all cables up to a whopping 800 pounds!

 The Greenlee 6810 features dual motors that drive each wheel for traction on both sides of the cable and includes a pendant and toggle switch. If an individual prefers a foot switch, an optional foot switch control can be added. The Greenlee 6810 Cable Feeder will accommodate cables that range in size from 3 . 5  inches in diameter. There are two options the 6810 offers while feeding the cable, either top loading or end loading.

The Greenlee 6810 sets up easily and can be operated by just one individual, significantly cutting the time and workload in half. Such increases in efficiency and productivity can reduce the strain of the job producing happier workers and safer working environments. Listen to what one customer commented;

This is a fantastic tool for pulling large feeder wire. Set-up is fairly straight forward. Once feeder is fixed in place (through tension anchoring or compression bar) and reels set up (preferably in line) it does the job of several persons… The feed determines the ease of the tugging. I have used this many times and know without it one is at constant risk of injury.

-Toolup.com customer

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