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Greenlee 713 Plumber Stud Punch

August 31, 2013

King of Stud Punches

Greenlee 713 Plumber Stud Punch

The Greenlee 713 Plumber Stud Punch is a king in your hands! Greenlee has made a home run with this stud punch made for punching through steel with a without a problem. Running 2″ vent, water, or even waste pipes is a breeze with the large Greenlee Stud punch 713.  It is engineered to be a professional grade tool that is best suited for onsite jobs and big applications that are meant to be conquered by seasoned veterans. This large stud punch, is just that… large, and it weighs in at 10.6 pounds. So if your looking to build up your forearms, then this is the right tool for you. In addition, the 713 is built with Greenlee’s superior quality, and the  high strength alloy aluminum makes up the stud punches C-frame. The C-frame is ideal as it is easy to handle, and provides the professional with a superior lightweight grip on the stud tool to allow the easiest handling possible.

Two-speed lever action

The Greenlee 713 Plumber Stud Punch delivers the best quality punches possible, with punches at 2-5/8″ or 66.7 mm diameter holes, in metal studs for professional looking installations of 2″ water, vent, and waste pipes. The handy two-speed lever action is equipped for faster, easier punching of up to 24 to 20 gauge thick metal studs. The 2-1/8″ or 54 mm, stud’s throat width fits over most studs and channels. Plus, the lever action punch retraction, strips the punch completely out of the metal stud for fast and easy use. The Greenlee 713  has an overall tool length of 23-1/2″  and a tool height of 9-3/4″.

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