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Greenlee 851 1/2″ – 4″ Electric PVC Heater/Bender

July 1, 2013

Easy to Use Design

Greenlee 851 1/2" - 4" Electric PVC Heater/Bender

The Greenlee 851 1/2″ – 4″ Electric PVC Heater/Bender has been designed with simple to use features that support the user in in accomplishing PVC bends without complications. The PVC heater and bender is so easy, that the bend is performed in six simple steps; first preheat for 10 minutes, second open the lid and carefully position the PVC, third close the lid, fourth rotate until it is pliable, fifth simply open the lid, and sixth remove the PVC and form the bend.

Heavy Duty Durability

The Greenlee 851  1/2″-4″ Electric PVC Heater/Bender is built tough with a durable heavy-duty design that is built with insulated metal walls which have been covered with a reflective interior for a far more efficient output of even heat. This ultimately offers a far superior result as the operator bends the PVC pipes.


The Greenlee 851 Electric PVC Heater and Bender is easily portable for all the on the go jobs you need done, with a full length door offering the user  the option of easy loading and unloading. Included in the design are two sturdy hard plastic wheels that offer a better design to the bender, adding easier mobility. A convenient On/off switch is located on the machine with a light up indicator light. If needed for a heavy work load simply use two units in tandem to heat and complete large sweep bends.

 Greenlee 851 Specifics

Greenlee’s 851 capacity is  1/2″- 4″ PVC with all schedules, and has a 120 VAC, 20 Amp, or 3600 Watt generator as a power source. It weighs in at 53 pounds with a 52″ length and a 2300 wattage. It uses a 35592 calrod heating element.

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