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Greenlee’s 855GX Programmable Electric Conduit Bender

April 10, 2012

The Greenlee 855GX is an amazing product that displays the newest technology in conduit bending. First off is the new LCD interface where you can program seven different bends without the help of another individual. Additionally, you can save an unlimited number of bends to your USB memory stick, which comes included with the purchase of your Greenlee 855GX. This allows you to utilize that same information later by offering you the ability to transfer the information on the USB memory stick to another 855GX bender.

The 855GX also helps avoid scrapping and speed bending with a patent pending, auto conduit size and conduit type smart sensor. The smart sensor feature allows you to get the exact bend that you need, without the waste and expense of your materials. This bender comes with the capability to bend 3/4′” Rigid and 1-2” EMT/IMC Rigid without loose parts.

Exellent portability as well as stability are provided for in the Greenlee 855GX, it is engineered with a quick pivot feature that aids the operator in changing between vertical and horizontal orientations. It also includes on-board storage via fork tubes, a hoist bar, large wheels, a wheel brake bar, and for your convenience a storage box and tray.

You will have more time to bend as you use your Greenlee 855GX programmable Electric Conduit Bender thanks to its patent pending technology, which features solid-state controls that utilize current limiting technology completely eliminating welded relay contact failures. Also included in the 855GX is a robust weather resistant design, giving you a longer up time and elongated motor life to keep you working on all of your projects longer.

The 855GX comes prepared with the ability to handle various jobsite power sources up to and including generators. Another interesting inclusion on the Greenlee 855GX is a strong, patented pendant, which has rare earth magnets that are built tough to resist impacts that occur while they house over molding.

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