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Greenlee 881 Mobile Bending Table (MBT)

April 9, 2012

Greenlee 881 MBT Mobile Bending Table

Greenlee’s  881 Mobile Bending Table is a new, all-in-one, quick set up conduit bender. All you have to do is wheel it into place, plug it in, and start bending!

Great new features of the 881 Mobile Bending Table, is the inclusion of storage for all of the components needed right on the bender itself. The 881 MBT fits through standard height doors 36” wide and will accommodate almost any designated spot where it is needed on the construction site. In addition it has a one time set up, which allows you to save 60 minutes for every move. Finally, the 881 MBT bends up to 4” rigid conduit with a 10’ length with an offsetting saddle, allowing back-to-back bends with ease and consistent accuracy.

The new Greenlee 881-MBT additionally features two sticks of IMC conduit, locking swivel wheels that aid maneuverability as well as, aid you as they lock into place to help keep the MBT parked. It also features forked pockets, in case you need to move your 881 MBT with a fork truck. It includes an  accommodation for differing shoe sizes and steel pegs with hitch pins for storage items such as shoes and saddles.

A carriage assembly mount is on the 881 Bender unit, directly on the MBT Vice-chain, which holds the conduits securely for an accurate bend. This addition helps prevent twisting or turning during the bend process. There is a great convenience factor to the new pump basket that holds the hydraulic pump for the 881 Mobile Bender Table unit as well as storage for follow bars.

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