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Greenlee Bending Table 1802

March 4, 2013

Greenlee Makes Bending Faster and

Easier With The 1802 Bending Table

Greenlee Bending Table 1802

The Greenlee 1802 Bending Table makes bending easier, faster, and more accurate. Unlike other makeshift tables and areas, this Greenlee Bending Table was designed specifically to accommodate your bending needs.  In addition, the 1802 weighs in at 180 pounds, can hold heavy loads, and has an insert that assists in maneuvering the conduit into the chain vise where it can be tightened. Once that has been accomplished, the operator can then just simply turn the handle to move the chain vise, and easily position the conduit for bending. When it’s all set up and ready to go, the operator can use the included bending degree protractor and movable chain vise to advance the conduit while it makes segment and other multi-shot large sweep bends.

 Benders that are Compatible For

Use With  The

Greenlee Bending Table 1802

The Greenlee Bending Table 1802  has an 1805 Bending Degree Protractor as well as a metal storage box located at the bottom of the machine. In addition, the storage box pulls out like a drawer and holds parts and accessories close, which is a great addition for use with the bender table. The bending table itself comes with pipe support pins, which are compatible for two different benders the 884 bender or the 885 bender. To use the Greenlee 1802 Bending Table with different benders such as the  Greenlee 777 bender, the Greenlee 883 bender, and the Greenlee 883-4 bender, the buyer must purchase  two Greenlee  21359 pipe support pins. The 1802 bending table can also lend itself to be used in conjunction with the Greenlee 880 bender, but this also requires two Greenlee 21357 pipe support pins.

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