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Greenlee Buried Line Locator BLL-200

August 6, 2013

Easy to Find Exact Line Locations

Greenlee Buried Line Locator BLL-200

With the options included in the Greenlee BLL-200 Buried Line Locator, such as the LED and LCD signal strength indicators, it is instantly easy to quickly and easily  find the exact location of any line. Also included in the design is a feature to aid in finding the most accurate results, called the automatic signal boost. This makes it easier than ever to trace lines, even the hardest to find with the very weakest signals.  In addition, multiple frequencies are not an issue with the BLL-200, as the receiver locates multiple passive frequencies within a single setting.

Receiver and a Microprocessor Ensure Results

The Greenlee Buried Line Locator BLL-200 has a receiver that may be used in active, or passive mode.  This receiver also automatically locks out passive range when it detects a transmitter signal, ultimately reducing the chance of tracing other lines that are carrying weaker signals. In addition, the Greenlee microprocessor based circuitry delivers increased accuracy, and features an auto-gain control function that works in all environments. Finally, the BLL-200 is lightweight to hold and is ergonomically balanced to the grip.

Traces 20 Feet Deep

The tracing function of this device goes to greater depths than before, thanks to it’s ability to trace up to 20 feet underground, as well as it’s ability to provide accurate depth readings of up to 15 total feet. The transmitter can also be utilized by connecting live lines that run at up to 600 Volts, and it carries a Greenlee lifetime limited warranty. Finally, a Greenlee branded molded carrying case is included with the line locator, for easy storage and transportation.

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