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Greenlee Gator Battery-Powered 12-Ton L Series 12CCX Tool with 120V Charger E12CCXL11

July 30, 2013

A Unique Head Design

Greenlee E12CCXL11 Gator Battery-Powered 12-Ton L Series 12CCX Tool with 120V Charger

The Greenlee E12CCXL11 Gator Battery-Powered 12-Ton L Series 12CCX Tool with 120V Charger has been equipped with a helpful head design with three crimping head choices. These three choices include; an EK1230L for industry “U” type dies with 1.20″ or a 30 mm opening, the EK1240L for industry “U” type dies with 1.65″ or a 42 mm opening, and the EK1240KL for the Kearney PH2 type dies. These are currently all sold separately and are not included. On a side note, another great feature of the E12CCXL11 Gator head design is that it results in a lower overall power tool weight and has an improved durability when tested at an impressive 50,000 crimp cycles.

Repeating Retraction

The Greenlee E12CCXL11 Gator Battery-Powered 12-Ton L Series has been designed with the exclusive repeating retraction stop, also called a RSR. The RSR delivers on the first crimp, as the operator can stop the retraction at any point, and then on subsequent crimp cycles, the ram retracts automatically to the same position. In addition, it has also been outfitted with a handy two-speed pump that helps in reducing the power tools cycle time. The Gator is well designed with a state of the art 18V lithium ion battery, which offers superior power while it reduces cycle time, ultimately providing 70% more cycles per charge.

Exclusives to Greenlee

Greenlee’s GAtor Powered 12 Ton is packed with several Greenlee exclusives, including the over molded tacky grip areas that make the tool easier and more comfortable to hold. In addition, it is a lightweight, forward angled pistol handle that provides much improved tool balance with a 360° rotating head. Two more exclusives to the Gator tool is an integral LED light that illuminates the work area on all tools and allows the use of bio-degradable hydraulic oil.


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