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Greenlee Electric Hydraulic Pump With Pendant 980

February 12, 2013

Manual Hydraulic Pumps


Electric Hydraulic Pumps

Maual pumps come in several differing sizes and can provide all the cylinder application of lifting, pushing, and pulling. The upside of having a manual hydraulic pump model is the fantastic ease of portability that the manual models offer, as well as not having to worry about or contend with a power supply being available for the pumps use on sight. That being said however, the manual pumps plus is also its minus, because they have no external power they are slower and more labor intensive when compared to the automatic pumping provided by the electric hydraulic models. For instance, if one is working on a cylinder that is over 20 tons, the work equates out to 300 hand strokes to operate. On the other hand we have electric hydraulic pumps, which add a significant amount of versatility that manual hand pumps do not. Usually, when built with three phase voltage, these electric pumps produce enough power to handle even the largest cylinders. Electric pumps come in various sizes, depending on what your normal pumping needs are, with small electric pumps starting out at about 15 amps.

Greenlee’s Electric Hydraulic Pump Pendant

Greenlee 980 Electric Hydraulic Pump With Pendant

The Greenlee 980 Electric Hydraulic Pump With Pendant has a useable oil volume of 6 quarts and is the same type of oil that is compatible with all Greenlee benders. The handy pendant and  foot control switch offer advanced control of the 980 model while it’s pumping. In addition, the low voltage pendant is coupled with solid state motor controls, which when working in tandem eliminate the possibility of contact arcing. This important feature alone provides greater reliability and longer hydraulic pump life. The automatic ram can also be put on manual. Plus, the automatic ram serves the return selector valve and ultimately provides more control from the pendant switch. A molded enclosure protects the pump, the motor, and the circuitry while servicing in tough working environments. This model can also be used with single hose hydraulic systems that utilize spring return rams.

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