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Greenlee Fairmont Pole Tamper Assembly with Kidney-Shaped Foot H4802

November 16, 2012

Pole Tamper 101

Greenlee Fairmont Pole Tamper Assembly with Kidney-Shaped Foot H4802

Pole tampers are used in utility field operations, they are slim and are sometimes referred to as a “pogo stick” by operators. Pole tampers are soil compactors and are widely used to pack in the soil around any and all pole and post sizes. They are also the ideal tool choice when excavation requires the implementation of the “keyhole method”. Excessive vibration from pole tampers has been an area of concern for manufacturers in recent years, as excessive vibration can increase the risks of carpel tunnel, therefore much focus has been spent to address this in many of the newest models offered by manufacturers.

Greenlee’s “Pogo Stick”

The Greenlee Fairmont H4802 Pole Tamper Assembly with Kidney-Shaped Foot, helps efficacy in “tampering” in both residential or commercial settings, making quick work of setting poles, asphalt patching, and general back-fill compacting. In addition, Greenlee Fairmont has simplified this tool, with the inclusion of only three moving parts. This means that this tool offers great value and low maintenance. Furthermore, the H4802 comes with a reversible on/off valve for open- and closed-center hydraulic systems, plus features a standard kidney-shaped foot.

The Specifics

The Greenlee Fairmont H4802 has a length of 60″, a width of 4″, and a weight of 23 lbs. It has a flow range of 4 – 6 rpm’s and an operating pressure of 1,000 – 2,000 psi. The pressure port thread is 9/16 – 18 SAE O-Ring, and the return port thread is 3/4 – 16 SAE O-Ring. The dimensions of its kidney shaped foot are 2.5 x 8″. Finally, the Ridgid H4802 has a bpm of 1,160.

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