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Greenlee Gator Battery-Powered 12V Cordless Cable Cutter with 120V Charger ES750-11

May 5, 2013

Greenlee ES750-11 Gator Battery-Powered 12V Cordless Cable Cutter with 120V Charger

Easily Slices Through Copper and  Aluminum

The Greenlee ES750-11 Gator Battery-Powered 12V Cordless Cable Cutter with 120V Charger is known for its ability to easily slice through copper, specifically its capacity on copper cables of  750 kcmil or 400 mm2. Aluminum is no problem either, as the Greenlee Gator ES750-11 cuts through 1000 kcmil or 500 mm2 aluminum cables in a snap.  

Cuts in Under 8 Seconds

The Greenlee Gator is aptly named for its ability to chomp through cable! It verociously cuts straight through 500 kcmil MCM copper cable, in under 8 total seconds! Furthermore, the Gator is newly engineered with a popular and modern compact design, which now permits the operator to utilize the Greenlee Gator ES750-11, in even the tightest of locations to cut through cable.

  Extra Heavy Blades For Clean Cuts

 The Greenlee Gator is also engineered with a durable, extra-heavy, set of blades, which ultimately provide two positive design elements for the tool. First, the cuts are cleaner smoother as they slice through every application. Secondly, the heavy set blades help ensure a longer overall working life for the tool.

Easy to Switch Between Forward and Reverse

The Greenlee Gator is engineered to make it simple for an operator to switch between the actions of  ”forward and reverse” on the tool. This feature supports the operator in making his cuts as simple as possible, while also aiding him in essential time savings. The Gator has a 12 volt battery that  recharges in one hour, plus it can make approximately 20 clean cuts in 750 kcmil MCM per battery charge and does not fade out. Of special note however, the Greenlee Gator Cordless Cable Cutter is not recommended for use on 500 kcmil or larger compact cable.

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