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Greenlee GATOR-EKG Gator Eye Diagnostic Tool

November 16, 2013

Monitors All Gator Tools

Greenlee GATOR-EKG Gator Eye Diagnostic Tool

The Greenlee Gator-EKG Gator Eye diagnostic Tool can be used in conjunction with all of Greenlee’s line of Gator tools. The Gator EKG eye, hooks up easily to your Gator tools, simply download the ipress software from Greenlee’s home website, then connect your USB to your PC or Mac and upload the ipress software. Next, press the gator onto the tool’s optical interface and press the trigger. From there you can diagnose as you set and view tool maintenance intervals, as well as add user identifiable information, that allows you to manage your inventory with a PDF downloadable work history.

Tool Performance Interface

The Greenlee Gator EKG Gator Eye Diagnostic Tool has a 3 phase operation log for tracking tool output. Additionally, the Gator Eye Diagnostic Tool is outfitted with a home navigation screen for waveforms that include; project start, project log, and operation log, and the waveform has a  real time pressure and amperage monitor. In addition, Greenlee built the Gator eye with a three key measure guide that includes the number of cycles since manufacture, the last maintenance, and even the project being worked on. Also, the home navigation screen serves as a guide to the service interval level that even includes a grace period setting. This allows you to demonstrate that you have done the job correctly with project and operation documentation that tracks your accountability. A detailed work history can be downloaded, viewed and printed off with specific detail including operating pressure, the number of crimps and cuts, and battery information. This ultimately allows you to hold your workers accountable for their work as well as their tools, by offering you to easily check in on them by just logging into your computer.


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