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Greenlee Gator-Plus Battery-Powered L Series 6-Ton CCXL Tool with 120V Charger ECCXL11

May 29, 2012

 The Greenlee Gator-Plus Battery-Powered L Series 6-Ton CCXL Tool with 120V Charger ECCXL 11 has several exclusive design features no one else in the industry currently offers on the market today, these exclusive designs are engineered with the worker in mind, as he/she is utilizing the tool, and to do so as efficiently and quickly as possible.

 Exclusive to Greenlee

 Exclusive is Greenlees middle name with the Gator ECCXL 11, as they are the only manufacturer to offer a tool of this type with the repeating retraction stop system. The repeating retraction stop system first performs the crimp, the person utilizing the machine can stop the retraction at any given point, then on the subsequent crimp cycles the ram retracts automatically back into the previous position. This means you won’t waste any time resetting your tool for the same exact crimp over and over. Additionally the ECCXL11 has an exclusive and integral LED light, which is used to illuminate the entire working area around your tools. Greenlee has also exclusively included an over molded tacky grip area in the design of the Gator-Plus tool, offering a trouble free and comfortable hold. A lightweight and ergonomic-angled handle provides comfortable, low-stress use, and improves tool balance. The Greenlee Gator  ECCXL11 is the only crimper staying green as it can utilize biodegradable hydraulic oil.

A tool, many times is only as good as the battery it utilizes, if the battery is no good, it is impossible to use your tool long enough to get your job done. Greenlee gives you a great battery with a state of the art 18V 3.0 Ah lithium-ion battery power that reduces cycle time, which provides an amazing 70% more cycles per charge. With this battery you will get a lot done before its time to charge. The ECCXL 111 Gator-Plus Battery helps you complete the job and maximize your productivity with an automatic retraction feature, for when crimping and cutting cycles are complete, and an ability to cycle in seconds with a two-speed hydraulic pump. Sold separately but available to use with the Greenlee Gator is the optional CCX blades and adapters.

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