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Greenlee HID6506 Rotary Impact Hammer Drill

September 30, 2013

Support Speeds and Adjustable Control

Greenlee HID6506 Rotary Impact Hammer Drill

The Greenlee HID6506 Rotary Impact Hammer Drill is packed full of great ideas and additions from Greenlee’s excellent staff of  engineers. For example this hammer drill now has an adjustable flow control option, which works to prevent over-speeding, thus allowing precise control of the users drilling speeds while the tool is in use. Depending on the application, the speed should be slower or faster, with this hammer drill, you can do either easily. It supports speeds up to 5,400 blows per minute, generating up to 13% more blows per minute, all of which is designed to help you get the job done quicker and smarter.

New Design

 Furthermore, Greenlee has worked on the hammer drills design, as they have dedicated resources and put great emphasis on improving it for superior,  in the hand balance, and tool body ergonomics. Greenlee’s HID6506 can hammer various materials including concrete, brick, rock, and other difficult-to-drill materials. In addition, the hammer drill flaunts its power as it creates up to 16% larger holes in concrete, and 11% larger holes in wood, as compared to other name brand competitors. Wood and steel require an auxiliary chuck, but options abound with a super spool selector control for use on Open and ClosedCenter hydraulic systems. Furthermore, a built-in slip clutch guards against over-torque,  which includes a selector for drill or hammer/drill modes. Outfitted for the everyday wear and tear of the site, this hammer drill from Greenlee has a rugged gear motor design. Finally, tight areas can be conquered easily with this hammerdrill, by simply removing the depth gauge and auxiliary handle drilling and hammering small spaces becomes a snap.

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