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Greenlee UT2 Ultra Tugger Cable Puller 2 – 2000 lb Cable pulling/puller machine

December 9, 2012

Greenlee Really Pulls It Together

Greenlee UT2 Ultra Tugger Cable Puller 2 - 2000 lb Cable pulling/puller machine

The  Greenlee UT2 Ultra Tugger Cable Puller 2 – 2000 lb Cable pulling/puller machine does what the Greenlee brothers legacy does best, it innovates a superior product for the everyday scenario of cable pulling, making your average electrical contractor more efficient at his job. This newly developed puller has been specifically designed by Greenlee’s engineers to make your job swifter, safer and simpler. What the electrical professional will find with the new Greenlee 2000 pound Ultra Tugger 2, is that the power and force you crave in a puller are all here in one tool, which can also be adjusted to accommodate many different types of  jobs. Designed to be as lightweight and mobile as possible, traveling to differing work areas is simple, as the UT2 easily attaches to any available conduits with no loose parts. In addition, the Ultra Tugger 2 is made to be self-contained with an integral motor, which has been revamped and re-designed specifically for the wear and tear of heavy-duty cable pulling applications.

So Lets Review!

Mobility-The UT2’s quick and simple mobile design makes any cable pull a swift and simple set-up, easily wheeling around any work site.

One Man Set Up-The Greenlee UT2 Ultra Tugger Cable Puller 2 is designed for a one man operation. Awesomely lightweight at only 67 total pounds, this tool can be folded up and lifted by one operator, either on to or off of their work truck. The set up and teardown is a snap, and easily done in minutes.

Simple to Operate- Get started using the cable puller by simply adjusting the telescopic boom and pivoting elbow, second attach the puller to any size conduit  that is 1” or larger (no need to unscrew or remove the locknut on the conduit) and in less than a minute you are ready to go!

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