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Greenlee HW3 3/4″ Square Drive High Torque Impact Wrench

September 29, 2013

Cool Balanced Design

Greenlee HW3 3/4" Square Drive High Torque Impact Wrench

Balance and design go beyond looks and aestethic appeal when a hand tool possesses superior ergonomic balance, allowing a professional to work longer and harder with the tool as it greatly reduces overall fatigue. The Greenlee HW3 3/4″ Square Drive High Torque Impact Wrench innovates a new way to keep professionals from feeling the pain and ache of a poorly balanced tool. How? Because the HW3 is specifically designed with the forward positioned handle, which allows this High torque Impact Wrench to cut down on the vibration, as well as improve that balance we keep mentioning, to  ultimately improve user sustainability and tool usability. With the Greenlee HW3 you will be able to accomplish more in a day than you ever thought was possible!

Not Heat No Sweat

The Greenlee HW3 3/4″ Square Drive High Torque Impact Wrench is copletely impact and heat-resistant with a Cool–Grip handle design. What this means, is that the wrench keeps your hands cool as it dissipates the occurring  heat. In addition, traveling with this torque impact wrench is a dream, as it easily accommodates the man on the go with its large, on-board lifting eye, for the simplest and securest storage possible. Also, changes are quick and easy, just as they should be, because the High Torque Impact Wrench can smoothly change between the forward motion, to the reverse motions, with the flip of a  flow control selector. Not surprisingly this tool has already made a name for itself, as the impact wrench with an industry-leading weight to torque ratio. The Greenlee HW3 also allows you to adjust the tool’s  torque settings with an available variable flow trigger.


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