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Greenlee Hydraulic Battery-Powered Pump with 120V Charger EHP700L11

September 4, 2012

Greenlee Hydraulic Battery-Powered Pump with 120V Charger EHP700L11

Specialized tools can seal the deal in many of your jobs, this tool in particular is hard to find but enormously useful and smart. The Greenlee Hydraulic Battery-Powered Pump with 120V Charger EHP700L11 is a hydraulic pump set  that allows total user portability. The hydraulic pump has been carefully designed to be the very best on the market for performance, economic efficiency, and ergonomics.


A three in one crimping setting will crimp, cut, and punch. The crimp setting monitors the whole crimping operation with the new “intelli-CRIMP technology. It includes a useful pressure sensor, which alerts the operator if the crimping force is out of specification. In fact a loud signal will alert immediately once the maximum operation pressure of 10,000PSI is deviated. To aid the Hydraulic Battery Powered Pump in learning, Greenlee included a dashboard into the design to provide a visual tutorial on how to use the retraction interrupt features. In addition, the cutting feature helps automatic retraction reduce battery consumption as well as cycle times. As far as the punching it uses a system called the AutoStop, which monitors the pressure applied to the ram. When pressure drops after clearing a slug, it will automatically retract before the punch comes into contact with the die.


Included with e Greenlee EHP700L1 is a diagnostic program that displays work history on the pump and also the battery charge level. The diagnostic setting is instrumental to this tool as it will track several important items including the total time the pump has been operated, the ampage draw, the full pressure cycles, the info screen, and the bar to PSI.


Power is apart of the Greenlee Hydraulic Battery Powered Pumps DNA as it operates on an 18 volt battery, kicking out 70% more cycles per charge. On board is second battery, stored and ready to go, when you are.


Comfort & Convenience

A light 14.1 pounds lends itself to effortless location changes with this hydraulic pump as well as a shoulder strap with a padded top. There is an on board and corded remote activation switch and it can operate in any orientation to boot.

Stay Connected

You will be happy to know that Greenlees quality goes right down to the wiring in this tool, as it uses connections that are UL and cUL classified for copper and aluminum, totaling 7 brands of color coded lugs and splices. you may be saying “So what” but most brands only make tools that are UL approved on one connector brand and call it a day, not so with Greenlee, 7 is a big number to contend with!

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