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Greenlee Hydraulic Battery-Powered Pump with 120V Charger EHP700LU11

September 5, 2013

Intelligent Programming

Greenlee Hydraulic Battery-Powered Pump with 120V Charger EHP700LU11

With a high end design, the Greenlee EHP700LU11 Hydraulic Battery-Powered Pump with 120V Charger is far more intelligent than any other competitive brand’s offering currently selling on the market today. The EHP700LU11 offers a  3 in 1 program option that allows you to accomplish crimping, cutting, and punching functions. The real-time crimp force, easily monitors with a numerical digital display that features “IntelliCRIMP” technology. An audible and visual fault alert, is also included in the design of the tool, offering a better way to detect problems quicker.

Ergonomic with Real Time Ability

The Greenlee Hydraulic Battery-Powered Pump   EHP700LU11 has a great additional feature with its “real-time” work history, which allows a downloadable PDF application. Furthermore the new body adds a smarter ergonomic design to the EHP700LU, making it much lighter and easy to maneuver. And by lighter we mean that the EHP700LU11 weighs in at a mere 14.1 pounds. Adding to the overall comfort enhancements, the tool also has an added padded shoulder strap, which is of course included to further ease the user’s ability in transporting the pump. The pump provides a real time charge status on both the active and stored batteries.

More Power and More Versatility

 The Greenlee Hydraulic Battery Pump  is versatile in all applications, as it can operate in any orientation required to get the job accomplished correctly. In addition, it features a remote activation of switches function, that is available on-board, as well as corded, for whatever option the user prefers. Furthermore, it now also includes more power than ever, operating from a single 18V battery , but with on-board storage for a second battery. And an 18V Li-ion battery provides 70% more cycles per charge! The tools connections are UL and cUL classified for copper and aluminum, when used with Greenlee tools on 7 brands of color-coded lugs and splices.

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