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Greenlee Mini Magnetic Bubble Level L77

July 15, 2012

Greenlee Mini Magnetic Bubble Level L77

Greenlee has been producing and innovating tools for the electrician trade for over 70 plus years. Each year they continue to add to their line as they strive to create products to fill every need that the professional electrician may encounter. Many times, the most useful items are overlooked because they are not power tools and not nearly as sexy as say an $8,000 conduit bender. Such items don’t receive much press, fanfare, or hoopla and many of them go underutilized in spite of the efficiencies they bring to a job.

An example of a well kept secret is the  Greenlee Mini Magnetic Bubble Level L77 . Coined the “Mini” Magnetic Bubble for its small size, it reaches a length of 5-1/2”, a width of  3/4”, and a height of 1-1/2”. This bubble has been designed to be a professional grade level, with the included benefit of a bending offset aid. Many have raved at its desirable mini torpedo design with a handy “no-dog” attachment for bending and the magnets in this level are extremely strong as they are composed from three rare earth magnets. With a  great four vial design  which includes; 0°, 90°, 45°, and 30°, this magnet is versatile.  The Greenlee Mini Magnetic Bubble Level L77 is  machined from aluminum alloy and anodized to aircraft standards, making it the most durable leveler you will ever own. Reliable and reasonably compact in size, the L77 fits easily into a tool pouch. The V-groove on it is featured on the top of the Greenlee Mini Bubble Level for an easier view of the vials.


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