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Greenlee Tape Measure Double-Sided 1″ x 25′ 0155-25A

December 17, 2012

Greenlee 0155-25A Tape Measure Double-Sided 1" x 25'

Tape Measurer Tips

A tape measurer- aka retractable tape measure, is a very general tool that is practically a required item in every man’s tool box. This goes doubly if you are a wood worker. So does it matter which one you pick to buy? We think so, here are some tips and information that your tape measure should have. Tape measures come in three main sizes including 25-foot, 16-foot, and 30-foot, with the most widely used being the 25-foot size. If your tape measure is manufactured by a quality brand, it will include both standard and metric markings. When choosing a tape measure, look for one with a locking mechanism. This locking feature will kick in once you pull out the length of tape needed, locking the tape measure into place so that it can’t be retracted until unlocked. An additional concern to consider when choosing a tape measure is the hook, as great tape measures should typically be a bit loose on it’s rivets. This feature alone, helps support woodworker’s in accurately taking both inside and outside measurements.

Greenlee Measures Up With Quality

One great tape measure, that is at the top of our list, is the Greenlee Tape Measure Double-Sided 1″ x 25′  0155-25A it has a tape length of 25 feet, a tape width of 1″ inch and a maximum standout of 8 feet. Some of the benefits of the Greenlee 0155-25A are that It has durable compact housing and is made to conveniently fit into your hand or tool pouch. Have you ever accidentally let go of the end of your tape measure, watching in horror as it snapped back at neck breaking speeds straight towards an apprentice’s face? Yeah me too, however the Greenlee 0155-25A tape measure’s “Click Lock”, which holds the measuring tape securely without moving the blade, ultimately means you’ll never have to say sorry, or notify loved ones again. In addition, the 0155-25A has an abrasion resistant nylon, and coated steel hardened blade, which is a standard of quality for most premium tape measures. Furthermore, the Greenlee 0155-25A  tape measure is tough with an ABS case that is over-molded with TPR for added protection. It has an attractive stainless steel case on its side panels and has double sided tape with a double foot, which can be read from above or below. Smart! It has four rivets on the foot in order to resist pull-off, and will adjust for inside and outside readings.

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