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December 29, 2012

Variables of the Job


Telecom field technicians deal with a new set of technical puzzles on a daily basis. This isn’t made much easier thanks to the sheer amount of equipment they must learn to master from different manufacturers, and if problem solving skills and expertise in a wide array of varying equipment was not enough, Telecom professionals must also try to keep up with federal and municipal regulatory changes that occur almost every year. What all this means is that your everyday, average, Telecom field technician needs to be ready for almost anything from emergency dispatches, to 24 hour standard maintenance requests. In all this though, there is one thing that the Telecom professional must count on each and every time he goes out on a call, and that is his field technician kit.

A Durable Constant Companion That Is As Versatile As He Is…

The Greenlee TELECOM FIELD TECHNICIAN KIT 45473  contains all of the telecom field technician’s essential tools and testers, necessary to repair or maintain a telecommunications network. This Greenlee  kit has a top quality digital multimeter as well as a telephone test set to make the daily tasks of troubleshooting a voice network easier. Included in the kit are insulated screwdrivers that have been designed to protect the technician from charges up to 10,000 volts, and the whole set comes housed in a durable cordura plus carrying case. The cordura plus carrying case protects and organizes the kit’s tools in a series of see-through pouches, and these pouches are essential for storing connectors. Plus, the outside pockets of the case also provide a convenient storage area for instruction manuals and worksite documents. Finally, to put a lasting stamp of quality on this set, Greenlee has rounded this set off with the inclusion of an industry leading, bar raising, lifetime warranty.

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