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Greenlee Package with Mobile VersiBoom II 6906 UT10-2S

November 25, 2012

The Greenlee Package with Mobile VersiBoom II

Greenlee Package with Mobile VersiBoom II 6906 UT10-2S

This Greenlee VersiBoom 11 has been designed with your company’s operator in mind, as it gives you the ability to move the heaviest of product loads, up to 10, 000 pounds total, swiftly and safely. The  Greenlee Package with Mobile VersiBoom II 6906 UT10-2S  does this with with it’s newly redesigned 2-Speed motor that easily delivers the fastest cable pulling times possible and the ability to handle the widest of product load ranges. This product is well designed with a strong, rugged motor which has been engineered to withstand the most rigorous jobsite demands, continuously and repeatedly.

Smooth Operator

The Greenlee 6906 UT10-2S has been made with easy control features for increased results in operator productivity and time management. There is also an on-board force gauge which provides the operator with clear visual communications while they manipulate the pulling force and tactical speed changes. In fact the quick speed change is so easy you can transition from highspeed to low-speed by simply double tapping the foot pedal with your toes. If the user prefers not to use this option, there is a removable foot pedal for their convenience. The low maintenance Mobile VersiBoom II does not require a lot of man power, or manual reading leading to a lengthy stubborn set up process, instead it can be set up in less than 2 minutes total. In conclusion, the easy set up, easy control, and added technical innovation included in the Greenlee 6906 UT10-2S makes it a necessary addition for any professional electrical contractor.



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