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Greenlee Ultra Cable Feeder with Hand Switch 6810

July 13, 2012

Trying to accomplish a job within the strict parameters of a deadline is always a struggle in the construction industry, accidents happen, people walk off the job or slack off, equipment breaks and all the while the deadline looms in the distance for the General Contractor. Your company can make keeping its contractual time obligations a little bit easier with the help of the  Greenlee 6810 Ultra Cable Feeder with Hand Switch. The 6810  has been equipped with a 115 VAC power supply of 15 amps and 60 Hz. It can feed a maximum of 4 – 36 feet per minute and has a cable capacity  of 8 x 250 MCM, 6 x 500 MCM, and 5 x 750 MCM. The maximum tractive force of a single cable is 200 pounds and the maximum tractive force for all cables is 800 pounds. The Greenlee 6810 features a cable feed that runs at variable speeds to match the speed of the cable puller, saving you time and eliminating the cost of man power in the case of needed extra help.  Additionally, it accommodates cable ranging in size up to 3″ – 5″ in diameter and set up is quick and simple, requiring only one person and saving your company once again the extra man power. Equipped with dual motors, that drive each wheel in unison for traction, one on each side of the cable.

The Greenlee 6810 Ultra Cable Feeder also comes well designed with a pendant and toggle switch, as well as an optional foot switch, which is made to give the operator the ability to easily control the cable feeding. As with most of Greenle’s cable feeders , the Greenlee 6810 has two cable loading methods with top-loading and end-loading.

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