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Greenlee Ultra Cutter Kit 930

May 17, 2013

Ten Times More Durable than the Competition

Greenlee 930 Ultra Cutter Kit

Greenlee built its company’s stellar reputation on inventing and innovating tools, and one of their most regarded inventions of the century is their cutter kits. Specifically, the Greenlee 930 Ultra Cutter Kit, which meets this high standards that have been a Greenlee hallmark for over a 100 years is a great indication of Greenlee’s talented set of engineers. The 930 Cutter Kit has been made with quality materials that last 10 times longer than the current competition’s standard hole saws. Each cutter will smoothly deliver expert results as it cuts holes through metal with precision-ground teeth. In addition, these cutters are for use on your drill, just set the drill speed on slow and you can cut smooth burr-free holes with ease, and without burning the tips off. The Greenlee built durability that goes into the design of this product, also enhances the rate of speed that one can run the cutter at, ultimately lowering the user’s cost per hole.

No Walking and No Broken Teeth

The Greenlee Ultra Cutter Kit 930 has a split-point pilot drill that prevents the tool from “walking”, meaning it makes accurate hole placement easy and provides true stability from movement while cutting. This proves invaluable as a mechanism for saving time and is just one of many great aspects of Greenlee’s 930. In addition, the 930 has a spring-loaded slug ejector, meaning there is no tool required to change cutter sizes. Finally, because the saw’s body is machined out of solid, high-speed steel, user’s can feel confident that Greenlee’s 930 will be around longer thanks to the decreased incidents of broken teeth experienced by owners of the 930.

The Greenlee Ultra Cutter Kit 930 Includes

 The Greenlee Ultra Cutter Kit 930 has a set of 7/8″ to 2-1/2″ cutters, two small arbors for extended assembly to 7/8″ and 1-1/8″ cutters, one large arbor, a hex wrench, and a signature Greenlee case to transport it all in.

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