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Greenlee Ultra Tugger 8 Cable Puller with Floor Mount – 8000 lb. 6800

March 5, 2013

Pulls with Patience and Power

The Greenlee 6800 Ultra Tugger 8 Cable Puller with Floor Mount easily pulls up to an amazing 8,000 pounds without a hitch, plus it can continually pull 6,500 pounds without stopping! The Greenlee 6800 cable puller has a consistent no load pulling speed of 9 fpm, or at 2000 pounds can pull at 8 fpm, or at 4000 pounds can pull at 7.5 fpm, or at 6000 pounds can pulls at 7 fpm, or at 8000 pounds can pull a firm 6 fpm.

The Versi-Boom System

Greenlee Ultra Tugger 8 Cable Puller with Floor Mount - 8000 lb. 6800

The Greenlee Ultra Tugger 8 Cable Puller 6800 comes with a built in Versi-Boom System, which allows the operator to make smart, versatile, and quick setups and can pull a full 10 to 20 feet of extra cable easily. The operator simply plugs it in and it’s ready to go, no extra parts to figure out and put together. Some specifics of the Greenlee Ultra Tugger 8 Cable Puller is its ability to utilize a standard 3 inch rigid steel conduit for boom, it’s direct gear drive, and it’s optional deluxe force gauge. Additionally, Greenlee has made the machine lightweight to lend to its job site portability. The Greenlee 6800′s dimensions are that it is an impressive 11.5 inches in length, with a 26 inch width, and an 8.5 inch height. In regards to power, the 6800 has a drive motor that offers  1-1/2 Horsepower, and which runs on a 120 volt power source. The provided rope has a 7/8 in diameter, and is composed of a double-braided polyester composite. Finally, the included tough rope is rated proficient at 32,000 pounds.

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