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Greenlee Wire Dispenser 910

September 4, 2012

The Greenlee Wire Dispenser 910 is a big tool, but truly useful to employees on the worksite. When working with a lot of wire, keeping your wire spools all together, out of the dirt, organized, and all in one common place for employees to be able to find is really time saving and just plain bright.

Easy to Move and Store

The 910 Wire Dispenser also keeps your wire portable anywhere and everywhere, with a large base that has 2 fixed and 2 swivel locking heavy-duty casters, rolling or stopping wherever your desired location takes it. It also fits through 36″ openings, such as your typical door frame. It won’t be weighed down as it is made with all welded steel construction and ten heavy duty pegs to hold your wire.

Professional Electricians Need This on Big Jobs

Greenlee Wire Dispenser 910

For added help with large electric jobs you can use the wire right off the actual spindles. The spindles are purposely angled to contain the wire reels as they act as a brake while paying out wire. While using the Greenlee Wire Dispenser 910 in this fashion the spool rack consists of 10 spindles and features a thoughtful design with an adjustable guide loop, which may be turned a full 360° independent of the base. The size of the Greenlee Wire Dispensor 910 is  36-1/4″ long,  31-1/2″wide,  and  has a height of 59″. It has a total capacity of  ten spool holders that can hold 2,500′  spools up to 18″  in diameter. It does have a 213 pound weight, but it isn’t so heavy as the awesome die cast wheels make it so easy to roll anywhere around an area, even with the wire spools all stacked on each of the ten available racks.

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