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Greenlee: Present

May 2, 2012

It has been a long time since the Greenlee Brothers founded Greenlee Brothers and Co. more than one hundred and forty five years ago. Today, the company whose logo was founded by the shape of the square pegged hole that their first hollow chisel mortise made, has established a dominating presence and lions share of their respective market. Headed by their president Mr. Barclay Olson, Greenlee is most presently recognized as a world leader in manufacturing tools for electricians and the professional electrical trade. Besides manufacturing hand tools and insulated hand tools, PVC cutters, wire termination tools and job site storage equipment, Greenlee manufactures some of the industries leading Hydraulics, Cable Pulling, Conduit Bending, and test and measurement equipment. Greenlee is a proud member of the Textron family with international distribution and works close with its suppliers to develop strong sales in local regions. Furthermore, Greenlee Boasts a sophisticated EDI system designed for getting their products to market faster through the supply chain.

 Here is a sample of Greenlee, frontier pushing innovations, from each of its specialized product families:

Conduit Benders:

Cable Pulling:


Test and Measurement

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