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Guardian 65′ 3 X 16” MK Galvanized Cable With Swivel Top And High Strength Hook 10918

June 4, 2012

Guardian is practically famous for its high quality ingenious designs for personal construction safety devices. There is good reason for the angel wings that are printed on each Guardian product package, according to OSHA there is a tremendous amount of physical accidents in the construction industry every year, in fact the number one accident reported to OSHA,  under the annual construction safety list is a fall type accident. The construction industry is listed as number ten, in the top ten most dangerous jobs to have in America. Guardian Fall Protection products serve as your personal partner in keeping you safe on the job site ensuring you return to your home at the end of  each day safe and without injury. 

The Guardian 65′ 3 X 16” MK Galvanized Cable With Swivel Top And High Strength Hook 10918 is ensured with the Guardian Fall Protection MK Premium Edge Retractable Lifeline. It boasts lightweight but durable performance, and is inexpensive to repair. The Guardian Fall Protection line always incorporates corrosion-resistant stainless steel along with quality aluminum components, leading to an overall longer life for this 10918 high strength hook. The included retractable lifeline is smart as it has an integrated dual braking mechanism, which operates quickly, it responds quickly, arresting a fall within two feet while giving flexibility for use. Also included in the design is a dual-swivel ensuring your Guardian 10918 product has greater mobility while keeping the lifeline in good working condition. This product also includes a steel twist-lock carabiner and tagline.

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