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Guardian FMFSA-6 – Aluminum Folding Multi-Function Scaffolding 61020

May 31, 2012

Scaffolding is defined as a temporary structure used to support people and material in the construction or repair while a building structure is being constructed. Scaffolding is not a modern invention, and has been used by man in building great structures for thousands of years. Scaffolds are found depicted in the Berlin Foundry Cup, a picture of ancient Greece in the 5th Century BC, with scaffolding around the building structure, also ancient Egyptians, Nubians, and the Chinese are recorded historically for using scaffolding in their large building projects. The obvious purpose of scaffolding is to ensure a safe place that also provides safe access to the work that needs to be completed by workers. A good foundation is essential when placing your scaffold, you can place base plates on pavements and tarmac surfaces or sole boards for softer uneven surfaces. The Guardian FMFSA-6 – Aluminum Folding Multi-Function Scaffolding 61020 makes setting up your scaffold and ensuring your safety easier than ever. The Guardian Fall Protection 61020 model of the FramePro Folding Multi-Function Scaffolding has an awesome load rating of a maximum of 700 pounds! Fully constructed it is 6 feet in height and is composed of a hardy aluminum and steel parts. A handy tool tray provides a safe and convenient place to store all the available tools you will need while working on the 61020 scaffold. The scaffolding comes with slip resistant planks, which are designed to reduce the likelihood of slippage, which is of course always a good idea as falling is the number one accident in the construction industry today. The included casters contain sealed bearings for smooth rolling for easy placement of the scaffold on any worksite terrain.




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