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Guardian Skymast Commercial And Residential Roofing Anchor Point 00271

June 1, 2012

 In the last decade manufacturers of fall protection equipment have increasingly become aware of a gap that needed to be filled for flexible, practical, and affordable anchor points on the market, designed specifically for the construction trade. Guardian Fall Protection has responded to this demand with innovative products such as the Guardian Skymast Commercial And Residential Roofing Anchor Point 00271. With the Skymast 00271 you can mount it right onto the top of the housing roof, then relax, knowing that your anchor point has your back. The schedule 80 pipe, provides a super strong center post for your protection, giving you peace of mind while your on the roof. It comes complete with three retractable cradles, which rotate at 360 degrees each, this is suitable as most falls on site do not happen vertically, but more often the construction worker has tripped,rolled or slipped off a sloped plane. When falling in this way manner, the workers body tends to shift into a curved fall, which in turn stresses the anchor points; the 360-degree capabilities of the 00271 create a resistance in the direction of the workers fall, keeping him safe, secure, and in one piece. In addition, a base plate is provided with the equipment to provide even further absorption capacity to the Skymast 00271 system, doing so as it engages the three trusses. The Skymast 00271 also has the ability to accommodate 65 feet of retractable lifelines, although it is not included with the Skymast 00271, it can easily be used in conjunction with this equipment. Guardian’s Skymast 00271 is specifically designed to meet or exceed OSHA regulations. Please read the below excerpt regarding OSHA and anchor points.

OSHA states in  Subpart M, Fall Protection standard, Appendix C, section (h)(ii):

  “There will be a need to devise an anchor point from existing structures. Examples of what might be appropriate anchor points are: steel members or I beams, if an acceptable strap is available for the connection; large eye bolts made of appropriate grade steel; guardrails or railings if they have been designed for use as an anchor point; masonry or wood members if attachment points are substantial and precautions are taken that bolts/connectors will not pull through or release. A qualified person should evaluate and log these makeshift anchorages.”



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