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Harper Tall Steel Hand Truck Series Ctd 500 Lb. Frame Capacity CTD14

June 12, 2012

Most men that work with hand trucks on a daily basis have no desire to lift their loads any more than they absolutely have to, back problems are no joke! However, many hand trucks just don’t load enough or if it does take heavy loads, many times these hand trucks are a beast to steer and turn in the desired direction you need it to go. The Harper Tall Steel Hand Truck Series Ctd 500 Lb. Frame Capacity ┬áCTD14 has an unfolded height of 56″ and 24″ height when folded, its width is 17″ inches and it has a 7″ x 14″ base plate to place your materials on. The 1/4″ ┬ásteel base plate has been constructed to have a machine bevel leading edge and rounded corners, making the CTD14 Hand Truck easier to swivel and steer. It has optional 8″ or 10″ wheels depending on your needs, both of which are made of quality solid rubber, making your load a breeze to move.
The Tall Steel Hand Truck CTD14 has a frame capacity to hold and deliver up to 500 pounds of material, and has a stacking height capability of 56″ high. A stair glide is channeled into the CTD14 design in order to increase the hand trucks over strength. Its flat wide surface helps you ease your loads over curbs, without dumping or tipping your load. A center tube is connected to the base to give the Hand Truck CTD14 a backbone that the material stacked on the base can rest up against, no longer will you worry your load may fall out of the back of your hand truck if you are not careful. A dual loop handle is included for two handed load control on this hand truck as well.

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