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Hearing Protection

September 24, 2012

Construction work can be a loud environment to work in day after day. The rumbling and searing noises of power tools, blaring radios,  and heavy machinery can cause permanent hearing damage when your ears have been through sustained and prolonged exposure over a period of several years. So gear up and protect yourself with some hearing PPE’s. There are two main categories for selecting hearing protection and in this article we will cover both of them.

Ear Plugs

Pyramex PD500 Disposable ear plug dispenser

Ear Plugs are most commonly used on the jobsite and are usually provided by the employer. Ear plugs, which can usually be bought in bulk, are small and inconspicuous, and generally come in a variety of colors. Made to sit in the outer canal of a workers ear they then expand to each individuals ear canal for a tight snug fit. Ear Plugs are erfect for hot west coast weather and and are less cumbersome to use during summer jobs, whereas earmuffs can produce profuse sweating. The disadvantages of ear plugs are that they do not provide the same level of protection that earmuffs do, and lack the capacity to offer some of the fringe benefits of earmuffs such as the ability to hook up an MP3 Player. As such with earplugs you are generally going to trade protection for comfort. The Pyramex PD500 Disposable ear plug dispenser  has a convenient dispenser which holds approximately 500 pairs of disposable earplugs in a great durable plastic design dispenser. The dispenser  has an easy twist knob and a catch basin at the bottom in order to keep the ear plugs from falling to the ground.


Pyramex PM4010 Electronic Ear Muff

Ear muffs, which have become quite tech savvy in recent years, will run more on the expensive side, offering multiple options to support your hearing. Some earmuffs can even generate opposing sound waves to counteract noises.  Effective, but bulky, earmuffs can be a great item to own or combine with your earplugs. The Pyramex PM4010 Electronic Ear Muffs can be used while you are working with your power tools, at the shooting range, or can even amplify noises for hunting.  they have a soft head pad  for comfort, have a foam-filled padded ear cups made to fit your ears shape securely and comfortably, and provides electronic suppression of dangerous impulse noises common to industrial users and shooters.

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