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TPI EVAP-36 Industrial Evaporative Cooler

May 14, 2012

Evaporative cooling uses four times less energy than traditional air conditioners and works continually with the fresh air provided around it to produce the heated or cooled air, which is unlike an air conditioner that recycles the same stale air over and over. An evaporated cooler works with the fan drawing warm air into the machine through wet moist pads and then blows the cool air out, without the use of toxins or coolants.

Keep Your Work Place Cool..Really Cool

The TPI EVAP-36  Industrial Evaporative Cooler has a 36”belt drive model that provides excellent cooling up to a 100 feet in front of it, and when used inside, it has the ability to fill a maximum 3500 square foot area. Comprising of a large internal water reservoir that allows the unit to operate approximately 8 long hours without needing any type of connection to an external water source. The Heating and Cooling EVAP-36 is set to work in weather consisting of 10°F – 30°F of evaporative cooling plus a 6°F – 8°F of wind chill cooling. Simple and trouble free to move in and out of the project site, with the design of a 16″ and 36″ unit, but built to be thin enough to fit without trouble through a standard 36″ door. The water for the unit is supplied to an internal tank from a standard 3/4″ water hose or it can be supplied from an optional water tank. The water level in the internal tank is controlled by the unit’s float valve, once it dips to a certain level you know it is time to fill the water tank. The EVAP-36 has been designed to be as uncomplicated for the user as possible, thanks to a maintenance free submersible water pump as well as an 8″ thick evaporative media, which is easily accessible for routine service and cleaning. The Roto-molded corrosion free polyethylene housing keeps your machine from elements that break down metal, due to continuous exposure to water on a constant basis. Included is a permantly lubricated fan motor, a weather tight fan, and a variable speed option. Finally, your EVAP-36 comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty, UL listing, and the EVAP-36 meets OSHA standards.





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