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Hoover SteamVac With Clean Surge F5914900

October 20, 2012

 100% Clean Carpets

Cleaning up your carpet and upholstery after pets and high traffic areas keeps your furniture and flooring looking and feeling clean and beautiful, but calling a carpet cleaner or renting a steam vac can get expensive. Steam vacuum shoppers look for one aspect in particular: amazingly strong suction power. We want all the dirt and hard to see debris out of our carpet, as well as any tough stains removed. Getting a super clean professional finish with your very own steam vac is possible… which is why you should check out the Hoover F5914900 SteamVac With Clean Surge. This Hoover SpinScrub F5914900 has  rotating brushes that gently groom your carpets fibers, cleaning it from all sides as it  lifts away dirt and grime. Thus, Giving you an easy way to deep clean your carpets and upholstery with a professional look and finish any time you you need it.

Pet Stains and High Traffic Areas.. No Problem!

Hoover SteamVac With Clean Surge F5914900

The clean you desire can now be achieved with zero calls to an expensive carpet company. If you have pets or children you can relax with the Hoover Steam Vac Clean Surge, just pull the trigger on those stubborn stains and it applies an extra dose of carpet detergent. In fact a 16 oz. bottle of Hoover Deep Cleansing Carpet & Upholstery Detergent is included when you purchase this Steam Vac. In addition, Hoover’s F5914900 Steam Vac has several deep cleaning features such as the SpinScrub  multi-directional brushes, this is the Hoover technology that surrounds the  carpet fibers and removes dirt at every angle. A designed 3-Speed Brushroll Control has the settings of high for normal cleaning or low for a more gentle cleaning, or you can turn it off for any type of spill pick-up. In addition, a tool mode has a design that implements an automatic stop of the scrubbing brushes, which helps you protect your hard flooring. To simplify, cleaning the removable brushes is as easy as popping them out for easy rinsing and washing.  The heated drying is engineered to apply a direct surge of  heat to the floor and ultimately speed up the carpets total drying time. Plus, an 8′ stretch hose  instantly provides an extended reach. The dual tanks are simple -to-fill, and will keep the cleaning solution and dirty water isolated in separate tanks. To make repairs less frequent throughout the life of your Hoover Steam Vac, the F5914900 is made with no belts, meaning that it will never require a belt change or replacement. A 12 amp motor provides all the needed power to get your floors truly clean. Finally, this tool comes with a limited one-year warranty.


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