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Power Cut Off Saws: Part 1 Husqvana Power Cutter 14″ Cut Off Saw K760 (966433601)

December 28, 2012


Four Choices in Power Cut Off Saws

Power cut off saws offers their users a wide range of options at the work site. As such, they can be an indispensable tool for achieving a wide range of applications. Common activities such as cutting rebar, post tensioning tendons, square cutting patch perimeters or making quick shallow cuts through steel or concrete become easy with the right saw. Widely used, power cut off saws are held in high regard and used most frequently by professionals because of their portability and power. Four differing types of power cutter cut off saws are available, including; electric, gasoline, hydraulic, and pneumatic.


Husqvana Power Cutter Cut Off Saw K760 14" 5 HP Power Cutter Cut Off Saw With Oil Guard 966433601

Gas power cutter cut off saws are a popular choice as they are powerful, and also because gas is always so readily available. That being said, a draw back to these saws is that they are better suited for outdoor applications because of the discordant amount of noise the produce and also because of the exhaust emissions which can cause irritation to the user after prolonged indoor use. In addition, gas powered saws use engines that are “two-cycled” meaning you must mix the oil and gas. Many times an occurring  problem with gas powered cut off saws is the common mistake of an incorrect oil and gas mixture. This tends to lead to problems with the saw’s pistons and can results in a slow running saw. To solve this problem, Husqvarna has created their  Husqvana K760 14″ 5 HP Power Cutter Cut Off Saw With Oil Guard 966433601 , which is made to prevent engine failures that occur due to improper mixing. Husqvana achieves this with its newly developed OilGuard, which is quality oil, that has been chemically engineered specifically to combat dusty environments, like construction sites, and is ideal for all air-cooled two-stroke engines. You can also use standard two-stroke oil in a K760 OilGuard machine by removing the OilGuard button by the rear handle.


Popular but expensive hydraulic saws are the most powerful cut off saw on the market today. They cut deeper than gas, electric, or pneumatic cut off saws, and have a longer life because the require much less maintenance from their owners. Hydraulic cut off saws are ideal thanks to their closed systems, portability , and durability. Of course there is a downside to everything and hydraulics have theirs, although it is minimal, hydraulic cut off saws suffer from fluid leak more often, which if left unfixed can become potentially dangerous to the surrounding environment .


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