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Husqvarna Soff-Cut 390 5-1/2″ Early Entry Green Concrete Saw 966844901

January 7, 2013

What Do Early Entry Concrete Saws Provide?

Early Entry Saws have been around commercially since 1988. These days, they are frequently utilized for all paving needs where a lighter saw and shallower cuts are needed. They essentially allow the operator to make cuts in the concrete earlier than other concrete saws can. They tend to be a dry cut saw, meaning they do not require water for the blade, and they have an up-cut rotation, which aids in keeping debris out of the joint. Early entry concrete saws are the perfect solution in cutting concrete without the ugly results of cracks occurring while making control joints.  Conventional cutting does not even come close to preventing the  random cracking that occurs by the internal stresses which develop during the concretes curing process.

Light Commercial and Residential Work Saw

Husqvarna Soff-Cut 390 5-1/2" Early Entry Green Concrete Saw 966844901

The Husqvarna Soff-Cut 390 5-1/2″ Early Entry Green Concrete Saw 966844901 is recommended for light to medium-duty use in residential pavement projects such as driveways, porches, residential parking lots, but can also be used for light commercial applications. The 390 is mainly designed for the operators ease of use and work site convenience. It’s features include a carrying case for easy transport, a lightweight design, a handy adjustable aggregate knob and depth gauge, as well as a pre-paid maintenance program giving the Husqvarna a better longer life. The highly accessible mechanical on/off safety switch is located on the saw’s side, as well as an hour meter, which are both conveniently located for the operator’s use. Additionally, this saw roars through your cuts with a 110 volt-15 amp electric motor, while moving lightly and accurately on its soft, polyurethane wheels with a high visibility cut depth indicator. The Husqvarna 390 has patents galore with the patented anti-ravel skid plate, the patented safety arbor, and an ideal patented sawing method.

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