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ICS 12″ Concrete Saw Package 680GC-12

May 10, 2012


 The ICS 12” Concrete Saw Package has expressly been built to meet the operational and particular flexibility demands of the general construction audience. The 680GC stands out in its reliability and its exclusive value. It comes ready and packed with specific innovations, as well as loaded with overall dependability, the 680GC is the perfect saw for the DIY user. ICS has given it a distinctive black power head that houses a completely redesigned carburetion and ignition system. These two systems are engineered to work together ensuring easy starting, cooler operation, and dependable performance at any elevation. An improved airflow design keeps the engine a good deal cooler, extending its life. Available with 12” and 14” guide bars as well as the entire line of TwinMAX™ diamond chains.

The 12-inch Concrete Saw Package 680GC-12 features an advanced rear port multi-chamber air intake. It can wet cut without difficulty, as it employs a polyester filter that is specifically designed for trouble free wet cutting. The ICS 680GC-12 has embraced the sealed SMART Ignition system included in their saw, this is a computerized timing that actually matches the ignition sparks to the engine load itself, which provides for greater overall efficiency. A new addition to the ICS 680GC-12 is the airflow design that pinpoints an increase in surface area by over 40%, which when combined with the SMART Ignition System, lowers engine temperature by 100 degrees Fahrenheit, now that’s smart! Also, included in the 680GC-12 is a decompression valve for easy starting. The length runs at 18″, the width is 10″, and the height is a total of 11.5, including a bar length of 14 inches.

There is plenty of power in the Concrete Saw Package 680GC-12, as it runs on 5 maximum horsepower and 9500 rpm’s, the engine type is a two stroke, single cylinder, that is air-cooled. It has a displacement of 4.7 cu. Inches and a noise level of 100 dB at 3 ft. To get started the 680GC-12 runs on a fuel mix ratio of 25:1, being fuel to oil and the fuel capacity is .23 a gallon or .88 liter, running for about 15-18 minutes on this tank capacity.

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