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ICS 16 Inch 633GC-16 Concrete Chain Saw

May 23, 2012

The ICS 16 inch concrete chain saw 633GC-16 promises three currently new upgraded design features that incorporate trouble free operations for you as you wield the chainsaw in all your applications. These new additions to the ICS 633GC design are include the special water resistant electronic ignition, the brand new leaf spring starter pawl design, that aids you in a starting the concrete chain saw, and lastly the new slurry channel feature built into the 633GC-16 concrete chainsaw, which eliminates starter clogging. Also, attributing to your ability to take on a heavy workload is the tough and durable crankcase, as well as the select crankshaft sealing and air filtration design elements. Deep cuts become no problem, the ICS 633GC-16 can bestow cuts up to a maximum of 16-inches and can give you square corners without  problematic over-cuts. The 633GC-16 16” concrete chain saw is simple and safe to operate, offering you a trouble free operation without the hassle of kickback, and gives you an excellent wet-cut with no intake or expulsion of hazardous dust particles. The 16” concrete chain saw weighs in at 27.5 pounds total, which also accounts for the chain. The engine speed exerts itself at a 11500 ± 500 rpm’s and is mechanically governed at 2500-2800 rpm’s while idle, the horsepower built into the 633GC-16 is 6.5 and it runs 8700 rpm’s. The designed engine type is a 2-stroke with a single-cylinder and is air-cooled with a displacement of 6.2 cubic inches. The chain speed is 4950 fpm while it is free running and the dimensions are 23 inches in length, 14 inches height and 12 inches in width. The accompanying noise level is 102 dB at 1 meter and the effect of vibration are 8 meters per second on the front handle.To run the ICS 633GC-16 16 inch Concrete Chain Saw you need a water supply of a minimum of 20 phi, a fuel mix ratio 25:1 gasoline-to-oil and a fuel capacity of 1 liter, which will give you a total of 12-15 minutes run time.


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