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Ideal 61-958 SureTest Open/Closed Circuit Tracer Kit

April 23, 2012

 This is a complete do it all for your needs!


The Ideal transmitter has the power to test energized circuits up to 600Volts AC/DC and tests de-energized circuits as well as indicate the presence of AC/DC voltage. This transmitter makes it possible to inject a powerful signal into the actual circuit, it can also be used on GFCI protected equipment. No worries on sensitive equipment located on the circuit, the Ideal transmitter is safe to test without damaging or harming  circuits. The transmitter operates on 0-600 voltages for AC/DC adapters but can also be powered by 1.5 voltage and AA batteries. It really delivers,  with a powerhouse battery life of 40 total hours in open circuit testing on the work site.


The Ideal receiver displays a superior OLED bright screen for an accurate and easy reading with a handy rotating display. The receiver demonstrates 0-99 numeric signal strength with four modes of sensitivity being; search high, search low, trace mode, and breaker mode. It includes a peak detecting bar graph and an audible indication with pitch and tone. The Ideal receiver makes your timeline on the worksite easier to estimate as it will indicate the presence of AC/DC voltage and displays the percentage of remaining battery life. Runs on 1.5 Volts as well as four AA batteries and lasts up to 20 whopping hours on your job. The inductive clamp with the battery pack has a magnetic hanging strap and can be hung on panels. Included is a 1” jaw opening with a 6’ cord and includes a signal on the circuit.

 The Ideal 61-958 SureTest Open/Closed Circuit Tracer Kit comes complete with a receiver, transmitter, tracer test and lead set, inductive clamp, battery pack for inductive clamp, hard case, and three AA batteries for the receiver and 4 AA batteries for the transmitter.

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