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Ideal HeatSeeker Thermal Imager 61-844

July 28, 2012

Ideal 61-844 HeatSeeker Thermal Imager

Ideal has made a tech savvy tool with the Ideal HeatSeeker Thermal Imager 61-844. With cleverly built in technology located inside Ideal’s newest thermal imaging camera, the operator can use it specifically for effortless maintenance monitoring, without operator training, for a trouble-free application. The Ideal HeatSeeker Thermal Imager 61-844 is simple to operate. It has an included auto hot and cold tracker, as well as displays image blending with its advanced thermal and digital technology. In addition the HeatSeeker delivers images of both the hottest or coldest temperatures that it detects, all perfectly displayed instantly on a live screen for the operator to view.

Additionally, you will have a helpful built-in LED illuminator, as well as high and low temperature alarms located right on the device itself. This helps you troubleshoot potential problems and perform quick diagnostics quickly and easily. The Ideal HeatSeeker Thermal Imager 61-844 also marks images with text and voice annotations and has the option of being mounted onto a compatible tripod to allow the user to take accurate and steady pictures.

As far as the specifications on Ideal’s HeatSeeker 61-844, it has a measurement range of  14° F to 660° F and an accuracy of +/-2% or 4° F, it is categorized as a laser class II, and has an elongated battery life of up to 6 hours.

Included with the Ideal HeatSeeker Thermal Imager is the Thermal Imager, a USB Cable, a Camera Handle, a Carrying Case, a Power Supply, and an included copy of the ThermalVision PC Software.

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