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Ideal SureTrace Circuit Tracer Kit 61-955

May 1, 2013

Ready To Work

Ideal 61-955 SureTrace Circuit Tracer Kit

The Ideal SureTrace Circuit Tracer Kit 61-955 comes complete and ready to work right out of the box, with one  TR-955 Transmitter, one RC-955 Receiver, one  TL-956 Tracer Test Lead Set, one C-955 Hard Case, one set of batteries, and an instruction manual to aid the operator in understanding how to work the circuit tracer while optimizing it for it’s best performance.

TR-955 Transmitter

Ideal’s 61-955 kit comes with a TR-955 transmitter that can test energized circuits up to 600V AC/DC, it can also test de-energized circuits by injecting a powerful signal into the circuit. Useful on all circuits the TR-955 Transmitter can be used on GFCI protected circuits and indicates the presence of AC/DC voltage. Finally, the TR-955 also comes with a handy low battery indicator.

A Smart RC-955 Receiver

The Ideal Sure Trace Circuit Tracer Kit also comes with a Smart RC-955 Receiver that contains a premium red LED light display, that also features the ability to rotate in 180 degree increments, while obtaining accurate measrements. Furthermore, it will accurately collect your readings and display them within a numeric range of 0-99 based on the strength of the reading. In addition, the 61-955 has four modes of sensitivity and certain circuit detection that optimizes results thanks to it’s peak detection bar graph. It also has an audible indication that manipulates pitch and tone to signal to the operator sub-optimal frequencies. Finally, the RC-955, like the TR-955 also displays remaining battery life and comes supplied with three AA batteries.

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