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Ideal SureTrace Circuit Tracer Kit 61-957

April 18, 2013

Comes Complete With Every Thing You Need

Ideal 61-959 SureTrace Circuit Tracer Kit

The Ideal SureTrace Circuit Tracer Kit 61-957  is everything you need to get started with the TR-955 Transmitter. When you recieve the box and open it up, you’ll have one  RC-959 Receiver, one  TL-956 Tracer Test Lead Set, one C-957 Hard Case, Seven AA batteries and an instruction manual for your reference.

Features That Distinguish

The Ideal 61-957 Sure Trace Circuit Tracer Kit has a TR-955 Transmitter that tests energized circuits up to 600V AC/DC, is also well suited for testing de-energized circuits, and even injects a powerful signal into the circuit. It can be used on GFCI protected circuits, to indicate presences of AC/DC voltage. In addition, it features a low battery indicator that alerts the operator when it is time to charge it. 

The Ideal RC-959 Receiver

Now that we have told you about the TR-955 transmitter, let’s talk about the RC-959 reciever, which features a super bright LED display screen, as well as a 90 degree rotating display. The receiver displays a numeric signal strength from 0-99 and has four modes of sensitivity that work collaboratively with Ideal’s Certain Circuit detection. The receiver RC-959 has a smart peak, bar graph detection system with an audible indication that uses pitch and tone. In addition, just like the transmitter, the RC-959 has a low battery indicator that lets you know when it is time to recharge your reciever. 

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