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Ideal: Today

May 21, 2012

IDEAL continues to rely on the philosophies of J. Walter Becker as they strive to provide you with products that make your professional job simpler and smarter, with quality products that you can take out into the field and rely on completely, as well as by providing the warranties you can trust. Ideal works hard to produce and deliver the quality products, making immediate availability a priority, so you have them  when and where you need them. IDEAL continues to back up its originators promise made over 90 years ago.

”An IDEAL product will provide a value greater than the price paid for it. Service is a part of the product.”

-J. Walter Becker

Today the Ideal Industry has over 6,000 products; some of the included products have become absolutely essential to their respective industries. Many of these products include the Wire Nut Wire Connectors, Yellow 77 Wire Pulling Lubricant and T-Stripper Wire Strippers. All of these noted products have become a lifeline of essential tools that engineers around the world depend on every single day.

 While Ideal Industries currently continues to enthusiastically serve the electrical profession and its core of datacomm professionals, it has branched out into the high power interconnect market. Ideal utilizes various companies to meet the high power interconnect market needs suck as Anderson Products who provides environmental monitoring service,  Casella Measurement which aids in providing services to measurement professionals, and finally, Trend Communications supports Ideal in the cutting age telecommunication industry . This broad array of professionals around the world includes electrical contractors, data-com technicians, production engineers, and plant managers.

Test and Measurment

Whether you are an electrician that serves a residential, commercial or an industrial application you can find what you need in your chosen profession with Ideal’s quality electrical products. Everything an electrician may need for a simpler smarter finished product can be found with Ideals wide array of products, including industry standard wire connectors, fish tapes, benders, wire pulling lubricants, wire strippers, hand tools and wire management supplies. All of the aforementioned products make up a comprehensive family of durable, versatile test and measurement instruments.


The Ideal family of datacomm has become apart of the future in technology needs with a telecomm/datacomm professional network. A system of products that have been carefully crafted, will ensure you have the absolute highest-quality terminations and brings you the reassurance of quality that people have come to expect from Ideal. The DataComm line has a line of tools as well as products that are paired conductor, coax and fiber optic cabling.

Wire Processing

Ideal Wire Processing equipment is designed to engineer machines and tools that will support the hard working engineers, along with their plant managers, to exponentially increase their overall working efficiency, save in accumulated costs, and decrease the needed labor force. Bench-top and hand-held tool products are available in complete sets and tool lines, giving the commercial and aerospace wire processing an accurate and affordable price point.


Todays Ideal offers a full line of high quality and sustainable connectors and application equipment, which is designed with the strict requirements of the OEM, regulatory agencies, and which meets the standards of the electrical code. These products will make a swift dependable electrical connection, as well as continue to innovate and produce the great quality working professionals require.





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