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Ideal Tool Round Up: Ideal 35-053, Ideal 61-797, Ideal 35-078

August 2, 2012

A round up of three  great Ideal tools, detailing the uses and productivity that each one offers a professional.

Ideal Ratcheting Cable Cutter 35-053

Ideal 35-053

The Ideal Ratcheting Cable Cutter 35-053  is the real deal in expertly skilled cutting. The 35-053 can cut through 750 KCMIL cable, smaller hard-drawn copper, and all types of tough aluminum cable. The well built hardened steel blades ensure a consistent cut each and every time you use it and delivers long-term product durability. A rounded blade infused design minimizes all cable distortion while you are making your cuts. A quick release mechanism simplifies blade back-out and a locking mechanism keeps the handles closed for the operator to store the cable cutter easily. A smart molded-in foot provides the operator with tons of stability and leverage while executing multiple cuts.

Ideal 61-797 Digital Insulation Tester

The Ideal 61-797 Digital Insulation Tester accurately and swiftly tests the following voltages:

Ideal 61-797

50/100/250/500/1000 VDC and can handle holding a 0.1-600.0 AC/DC voltage. The insulation resistance is up to 20G Ohms with earth bond resistance of 0.01 Ohms to 40.00k Ohms. The Ideal Tester 61-797 will check new and existing installations for proper insulation as well as perform maintenance checks on motor windings. It can measure earth-bond resistance accurately and then calculate the PI and DAR automatically. Once completed, the calculation value is then stored into the testers  memory for easy operator recall.

Ideal Powerblade Cable Cutter 35-078

Ideal 35-078

The Ideal 35-078 Powerblade Cable Cutter is billed for being extremely versatile, as it easily fits any drill. It skillfully cuts up to 750 MCM, including hard drawn copper, and 1000 MCM of aluminum. The Powerblade Cutter is designed with heavy-duty gears made with specially hardened blades to deliver professional quality. As with the ratchet cable cutter 35-053, it too displays a rounded blade design and is made to minimize cable distortion during cutting.

You no longer need to mess with irksome battery packs or special chargers, with this tool it already works with the drill you carry. This is a power blade cable cutter attatchment and the drill is not included.

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