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Igloo 5 Gallon Heat Stress Rolling Cooler 42123

May 16, 2012

The Igloo 5 Gallon Heat Stress Rolling Cooler 42123 is the perfect beverage dispenser for the work site, work truck, to take on a camping trip, to attend summer sporting events, or to refresh the labor force after a grueling game of cricket at the corporate picnic. Regardless of how hot the weather is, it is your answer to convenient water or beverages on the go, and it is guaranteed to stay super cooled for you, when your looking for the satisfaction of a super cool refreshment.

 The Igloo 5 Gallon Heat Stress Rolling Cooler 42123 has a great telescoping handle that is long enough to ensure it glides gently across fields and work sites. The wide inset wheels are designed to specifically lighten the load of carrying the Igloo 42123 when the jug is completely full of liquid, making it easy to transport to and from your intended destination like a breeze. Another plus with the telescoping handle is its locking feature, the handle locks into place and gives you the option to push or pull your cooler wherever it needs to go.  The lid latch and interior gasket are made to prevent spillage and possible leaks, even when you have it tilted during transportation, this helps ensure that you can’t accidentally douse your coach during a game, only intentionally, like after you win the Super Bowl. The lid also has a lockable design to aid in maintaining the cleanliness and security of your beverages contained within the Igloo 42123. To dispense the liquid from the jug there is a generously oversized spigot, which with the simple press of a button, dispenses your beverage effortlessly even if your wearing work gloves.  The front of the cooler comes imprinted with bilingual guidelines, posted for workers to read, so that they can avoid dehydration in any language. With this cooler you can not only get refreshed, but better educated too!  Additionally, Some great design aspects of the Igloo 42123 is the elevated base that keeps the Igloo cooler away from hot surfaces, this in turn keeps the beverages inside the cooler even cooler, even longer. This elevated base also aids in keeping the unwanted contaminants of grass and dirt away from the drinking spigot, while at the same time, making accessing the spigot with their cups much more convenient. Finally, the Igloo 42123 has an additional bracket to hang an optional cup dispenser on, meets OSHA standards, and will fit the current 5 – gallon wire on work trucks.

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