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What is an Impact Driver and What is it used for?

March 28, 2012

Milwaukee 2650-22

Professionals and DIY’s will attest that when it comes to driving screws quickly and efficiently, it really all comes down to torque. Impact drivers’ work to maximize the amount of torque per square inch someone can achieve through regulating the sudden dispersion of concussive blows through strengthened and reinforced bit tips. Impact Drivers are the optimal tools for driving screws with maximum efficiency. By dispersing the torque across the inner curved spline of the driver the force of the impact is contained by the tool as opposed to wearing on the operator of the driver.There are now impact drivers that allow you three differing speeds of torque. Allowing you to shift to maximum, medium, and minimum speeds to better control your torque power. This helps to drive long screws in without difficulty, as well as control your tool better to avoid stripping your screws.

Projects best suited for an Impact Driver

Makita BTD144

Impact drivers are applied to woodwork best. They easily screw down boards and planks, install cabinets, plumbing work, building shop furniture, theater set construction,window framing, installing counters, framing  with dimensional lumber, driving lag bolts or building a deck. Impact drivers also apply different bolts and fasteners in metal work and work effectively to drive or remove unyielding or uncompromising screws that have been corroded. All in all when compared to your standard cordless drill, an impact driver can truly change the way you work.

Impact Drivers are smaller and lighter than traditional bulky drills. Less bulk weight means less fatigue and discomfort while executing your current project. Where heavy drills can become tiresome after hours on the job, impact drivers offer all the same power with half the weight. The compact size aids in tight spaces and models are now featuring a LED light option with your impact driver, making visibility with your impact driver much easier. Many people find once they purchase an impact driver it can be used for drilling holes as well.

Bottom line

An impact driver is 50% lighter than a traditional drill, compact at a general size of 3.0 lbs., and charge in 30 minutes or less. Many like the Milwaukee M12 Impact Driver feature LED lights in the front to aid in visibility in your dark or overshadowed spaces. They are endlessly useful in the home and on the work site in almost all applications.

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