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Improve your Laminate Countertops:Porter Cable 5″ Low Profile Random Orbit Sander with Dust Collection, PSA Pad 394

February 18, 2013

Enhance and Improve Your Counter-Top With This Simple D-I-Y Project

List of Project Necessities

Porter Cable 394 Sander

Porter Cable 394 Random Orbital Sander

First gather your tools for the project beginning with a Porter Cable 5″ Low Profile Random Orbit Sander with Dust Collection, PSA Pad  394, sandpaper, a wide roll of painter’s tape, XYLOL solvent, a primer that is a bonder for plastics, a stain oil-based paint, and a smooth high grade-roller and a small angled sponge brush.

 Painting Your Laminate Countertops

Laminate Countertops: Before

1. To begin, wipe down the counter-top’s surface with the xylol solvent. This will  remove any remaining grease or dirt from your counter-top that did not come off initially with hot water and soap.

2. Now lightly sand the laminate with the Porter Cable 394 5″, Low Profile Random Orbit Sander, just enough to give the laminate a rough surface for the  paint to grab on and hold on to.

3. Once the sanding is complete, vacuum the remaining dust away and once again wipe down the surface with xylol.

4. Next, use the painter’s tape and tape off an area.

5. Proceed by spraying the clean  surface with a  primer that is specialized as a bonder for plastics.
6. Dry and wipe down countertops.

Laminate Countertops: After

7. Apply the oil-based paint color of choice with a high grade roller. Your small angled sponge stain brush will finish up the tough angled spots.

8. Let your painted counter-tops dry for 2 complete days.

9. Take a fine sandpaper, and carefully sand away any incurring bumps or dirt.

10. Wipe away the dust once again.

11. Apply two more coats, then let them dry for a complete two days. If you desire you may apply a satin poly on top of the oil paint.
12. Remove the tape.
11. Abstain from cutting on the counter once painted. Use a cutting board to prevent damage and chips.

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