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Irwin : Now

May 27, 2012

Continuing the Innovation

  Irwin continues to innovate with its line of  Speedbor flat bits, Unibit step drills, Marathon saw blades, Straitt- Line, Hanson and Quick-Grip bar clamps. In today’s market Irwin is busy creating, manufacturing, and distributing professional grade hand tools and power tool accessories for the working professional, striving to keep a dedication in understanding their consumers, in order to  produce new and improved products in a durable manner.

Today the professional tradesman in the field are particularly of great concern to Irwin, in order to understand and develop needed products they send the company’s  specialized Impact End-User Teams to visit construction sites, there they learn first-hand knowledge from working professionals of  what they need, in order to improve upon certain Irwin brand products, making the  professionals job simpler and more productive. The field based knowledge they have gained while searching in the construction industries sites and fields, is used as a foundation for a unique and innovative method of product development. Teams of people all work to deliver a never-ending torrent of fresh ideas, bringing original and inventive products to today’s marketplace. Irwin now boasts a tremendous global network of world-class manufacturing facilities, which are interconnected with their strategic partnerships with leading global retailers. Irwin can be found in South America, Latin America, Europe, Pan-Pacific, The United Kingdom, Australia, The United States of America, and New Zealand. Many new brands have been acquired by Irwin including Chesco, Irwin Metal Star, Uni-Plus, Sprint, Marples, Horsepower, PowerPress, Prosnip, Face-Off, Jack, Pulverizer, Hanson Drill Bits, Fibercut, TurboMax, and Xpert. These brands will be marketed with the Irwin brand name attached, for example Record Vises will soon become Irwin Vises.

Through this global network of factories and retailers Irwin continues to compete with the very best tool companies and strives to be the professional standard in every market they engage in worldwide. Irwin’s process is specifically focused on engineering product innovation that starts with the professional tradesmen in mind, Irwin wants to please and meet  the stringent demands of the working professional tradesmen. Irwin celebrates National Tradesmen Day on September 21 every year, usually beginning to run promo shots around spring, and continuing through the summer on their homepage.





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