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ITW Ramset Red Head TrakFast Fastener Gun TF1200

May 2, 2013

Top Choice For Interior and Exterior Contractors

ITW Ramset Red Head TrakFast Fastener Gun TF1200

Since its applauded introduction way back in 1991, the ITW Ramset Red Head TF1200 TrakFast Fastener Gun has been the tool of choice for both interior and exterior contractors, all around the United States. The reason for the high regard and popularity that the TrakFast 1200 Automatic Fastening System has received, revolves around its ability to fasten all types of tracks including standard tracks, hat channels, even deep leg, Z, and J channel tracks.

TrackFast Offers Real Life Savings

Contractors using the ITW TrackFast Fastener Gun have also reportedly learned that TrakFast’s actual cost in place, beats all other systems available. The increased speed and productivity of ITW’s TrakFast, allows three amazing results for the contractors who use it. Theses results are first the ability to bid more competitively, secondly to complete the job sooner, and third to move on to the next job.

Easy to Use and No Licensing Needed

ITW’s TrackFast needs no initial training, anyone can use TrakFast, simply load the pins and fire. There is no licensing required, unlike powderactuated tools, so anyone can use them. The tool is so easy to use, it even automatically resets the piston, with no recoil either, thanks to the trackfast’s ability to significantly hamper shock.

 Three Times Faster and No Changing Load

The TF1200 has is engineered with an increased durability and reliability factor that works three to five times faster than powder tools. Additionally, it contains a 42-pin magazine designed to reduce the load time. Furthermore, the TF1200 is built with an off position that prevent’s the tool from draining the battery when the tool is not in use. Another great feature of this tool is that it requires no changing of loads thanks to the use of a fuel cell, not a load, which subsequently eliminates the need to maintain an inventory of different colored loads. Finally, a narrow nose and profile allows the tool to reach inside deep leg tracks measuring up to 1-5/8″ wide x 2″ high.  There is also an Included 2 year manufacturer warranty that also covers 6 months on wearable parts.

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